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SNS Prism Sun Catchers - Free Today!

SNS Prism Sun Catchers - Free Today!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "My windows have never looked so enchanting!"

"My windows have never looked so enchanting! These sunlight catchers are not just decorations; they're a daily source of joy, casting mesmerizing patterns that turn every glance into a magical moment. The way they transform sunlight into a dance of colors is truly enchanting."


🌈Reduces Stress and Anxiety🌈

Light can have a deep influence on people. Different coloured lighting can affect our moods, and a lack of natural light can cause depression. This especially applies to people with autism. Sunlight Catcher spreading the white light in different calming colours can help reduce stress and improve mood.

Regulate Circadian Rhythms

Sunlight Catcher can help regulate a children’s circadian rhythms. These rhythms govern our body’s “internal master clock”. A lack of natural light can cause our rhythms to fall out of sync. Therefore, treatment can make a child with insomnia fall asleep without aids and become more alert during the day, among other benefits.


Soothing for Everyone

Children with autism are especially susceptible to mood changes due to lighting. Lights with mellow colours, like blue, can help a child relax and become creative. Sunlight catcher spreads an equally soothing light over the room and keeps the mood calm and peaceful.