Why Is Writing Important?

Smartphones Killed Writing, Let's Bring It Back

There are some important skills students have to learn as they go from one stage to another in their academics. These skills are taught in our schools—right from high school through to the college years—to expose them to the different ways they can solve real-life problems whenever they’re confronted with one.

Among all these is writing, which is, undeniably, one of the most important skills every student must perfect. 

Writing, as a skill itself, offers the students the opportunity to simultaneously catch on to many other vital facilities that can help them succeed in their academics, career, and also in other relevant aspects of their lives.

Sadly, however, many students do not seem to understand the importance writing has in their lives. This is why, in this article, we’ll be examining, together, some of the importance of writing and why it so much matters to students, at all.

So, What are The Importance of Writing to Students?

As a student, you must have heard it several times that writing is an important life skill to learn, which is why it is deliberately taught in all our schools today. 

However, you may still find it a bit difficult to believe this, and I understand why…

You do not really know why it is so important! Those essays you write are not really a sort of punishment that your teachers hand out to unnecessarily frustrate you. 

No, far from it! 

Writing, actually, is a skill that has a whole lot of benefits, not only to you as a student but to you as a person, too. 

So why is writing is taught today in schools?

  • Because It Improves Communication Skills

Communication (oral and non-verbal), is one essential skill every student must master to be able to succeed not only in their academics but in life as a whole. Because, to be honest, without communication, the real essence of life would be lost, which is why writing has been deeply integrated into the school curricular as a way to significantly improve the communication skills of students. 

Writing provides students with the avenue to learn all the rules of their language and how they can better organize their ideas more coherently using the language. 

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation, gestures, paralinguistics, and so on, which are major parts of communication, can also be improved upon when we learn how to use writing as means of expressing our ideas and messages clearly and directly to our listeners. 

  • Because It Sharpens Creativity and Imagination Levels

Research confirms all of us are naturally creative. When you write, certain areas of your brain are activated, especially what is referred to as the “frontal cortex”; the part of the brain popularly known to be the seat of creativity. 

However, without any effort to actively demonstrate this inherent creativity we have, especially with writing, it would remain stifled and almost impossible to develop over time. 

So, the more frequently you write, the more the whole of your brain is enhanced to generate novel ideas that can be applied to solving real-life problems. 

By producing ideas, reflecting on, and juxtaposing them, you can also form free and productive ways of extensively exploring the world around you and also improving every situation you may find yourself in.

  • Because It Widens Knowledge Base

Writing can also widen your knowledge capacity, and significantly, too. 

Even before you develop the ability to write, at least sufficiently, you must first have been able to read, too. Writing, as you know, involves a lot of research, 99% of the time, into things you don’t know and may even know, as well. 

As you continue to write and, of course, carry out research, you also continue to widen your knowledge base and develop an excellent memory, too. 

You’ll also be able to learn about things that happened in the past, events that are currently happening, and the possible ways you can actively influence future situations with your present actions, in the process.

  • Because It is Vital to Academic Success

Writing, without any doubt, is a significant part of your academics. 

Writing is vital to your academic success, in that it is identified as one of the most important requirements a student must satisfy to be able to earn excellent grades and also a good degree, at the end of it all. 

This is why students make use of good essay writing services, they must have been able to confirm on review sites, for their essay assignments and other important academic responsibilities they have to fulfill.

  • Because It Increases the Level of Confidence

One of the least important reasons writing is important to students is because it can increase their level of confidence and even their sense of achievement, too. 

You can’t deny it, completing your essays and the other writing tasks you have gives a strange feeling of fulfillment that you have been able to successfully exploit your literary skills.

I remember how joyful and confident I also felt when I finally completed my undergraduate dissertation. I was particularly happy because I was able to contribute a token of my knowledge to the huge body of research, and this gave me more confidence to state my opinions more expressly especially in the public.

This is the kind of feeling writing can give you, too, as a student.

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