"Got Relief from pain and now able to perform daily activities easily after using RotaFlex™ for two weeks. No more painkillers!!!"

- Johanna Elvis, California

SerenitySleep Neck Brace



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Does Rotator Cuff Pain Get in the way of Life?

Get relief from Pain due to Rotator Cuff Tear and a pain free shoulder by using RotaFlex™. Designed to give immediate relief to people having Rotator Cuff tear and relief from pain in the shoulders, this unique looking device has seen 97% of users report significant reduction in pain from the very first use.

Does Sleep Apnea and Snoring Get in the way of Life?

Experience immediate relief from snoring and sleep apnea with the SerenitySleep™ neck brace. Specifically designed to support proper neck alignment and open airways, this innovative device has helped 97% of users enjoy a quieter, more restful sleep from the very first night.

Reduces Pain By Targeted Compression

Keeps The Shoulder Stable For Natural Recovery

Prevent further injuries By Providing Support

Easy to Use; Fits Perfectly to Avoid Slipping

Fix Sleep Apnea By Aligning Your Neck

Prevents Snoring by fixing Posture